• What is Event Pally™?
    Event Pally™ is the easy, friendly and secure way to pool money and manage group events. Create an event in just a few minutes. Then easily manage attendance info including payments or donations.
  • Who can use Event Pally?
    Anyone with a credit or debit card can participate in either a fundraiser or a cost-to-attend event. Anyone living in the United States with a valid U.S. checking or savings account can create and host an event.
  • What if I forgot my password?
    Click the 'forgot password' link on the Login page
  • How do I change my password?
    You can change your password on the My Account/User Profile page.
  • How do I create an event?
    Once you sign-up and log in to Event Pally, click Create Event from the menu bar.
  • What types of events can I create with Event Pally?
    You can create free-to-attend events, cost-to-attend events or fundraising events with or without a recommended donation amount. View the Event Types & Pricing Options page for more details.
  • Does it cost money to create an event?
    Not for free events, but if you use our service to collect funds then some fees may apply. View the Event Types & Pricing Options page for more details.
  • Does Event Pally charge a fee?
    Only if the event requires a cost or donation to attend and the event host confirms the participation goals have been met. View the Event Types & Pricing Options page for more details.
  • What methods of payment does Event Pally accept?
    You can pay for an event with a debit or credit card. Add, delete or manage payment cards on the My Account/User Profile page.
  • When is my credit or debit card charged?
    Your card is charged immediately for a donation or fixed fee event if the event is configured to use our service to collect the funds. If the event is a split evenly event and it's configured to use our service to collect the funds, then your card is authorized but only charged when the event host confirms participation goals have been met.
  • How are event costs split among participants?
    Event costs can be split depending on the type of the cost-to-attend event.
    • Fixed amount per person

      Each participating attendee pays the same amount.

    • Split the total evenly

      The total cost is divided evenly among all participating attendees.

    • Minimum donation to attend

      Each participating attendee will be asked to pay an amount specified by the event host.

  • What is the minimum amount an event can cost to attend?
    $1.00 is the minimum set by EventPally; however, you can set a larger minimum if you wish.
  • Why should I use Event Pally to manage event costs?
    Event Pally takes the worry and stress out of coordinating and managing a large event that costs money to attend. Now you can see at a glance who has replied yes to participate in your event and their payment status. Say good-bye to awkward money conversations with friends or fronting the cost of an event yourself. Hello Event Pally!
  • Why do I have to verify my bank account?
    Event Pally verifies your bank account to ensure the account is truly yours and you are verified to use it.
  • How does bank account verification work?

    To ensure your bank account belongs to you, Event Pally will make two small deposits each less than $1.00 to your bank account.

    You can find the two amounts on your monthly financial statement (online at your bank’s secure website or listed on the statement you get in the mail).

    These transactions might take a few business days to show up in your bank account and appear on your statement.

    Once you see them, click on the 'Verify Bank Account' link in the 'Bank Verification' email you received, and enter these two amounts in the available text boxes. Then click Verify. It’s that easy!

    (Just be aware, Event Pally will eventually withdraw these two amounts or the sum of these amounts after your account is verified).

  • How can I find my routing and account number for my bank account?
    You can find both the routing number and account number on a check or deposit slip associated with your bank account.
  • How do you use my email address?
    For information on how your personal information may be used, please see the Privacy Policy.
  • How do I invite people to my Event?
    Invite any person with a valid email address.
  • How do I share an event?
    You have the option of sharing your event details with invitees, the Event Pally community and your Facebook network.
  • How many days should I allow for the event to reach my participation goals?
    You set the deadline but Event Pally recommends you target a date anywhere from 5-14 days.
  • What are participation goals?
    Participation goals consist of the number of people you want to commit to attending your event and the amount of money you need to collect in order to make the event happen.
  • How do I make a donation or purchase a ticket to an event?
    Remember you can use any debit or credit card to make a donation or purchase a ticket. Just accept the invite to attend. Once you have a payment method set up, it’s super easy to purchase any ticket or make a donation for any event.
  • How are funds sent to the event host?
    Once the event host accepts the participation goals and has a deposit account verified, the funds are sent electronically to the account within 24 hours after the event end date. Note: it's possible for us to deposit funds into your bank account prior to your event's start date if you have created at least one paid event with us in the past and contact us to request this, or if you setup a business account.
  • When can I access the funds deposited into my bank account
    Funds will be deposited into your verified bank account within one business day after the event end date. After you have created at least one paid event that has taken place, you may request that we deposit funds into your bank account after the event's collection due date; this feature is available by default to business accounts.
  • What happens if the event doesn’t meet participation goals?
    Event Pally recommends that if the event does not meet participation goals that you do not fund the event, and cancel it; however, the event host has the option to accept the funds of the event at any time, at their own risk.
  • Can I change event participation goals after I publish/launch the event?
    Yes, you can edit the main event details after an event is published; however, some decisions may not be available after the initial publish. If you have any questions about changing an event, please contact us. We will do everything we can to correct details about your event.