Why Event Pally?

Remember that time when you volunteered to organize an event, or when you needed to collect money from family members for a gift? Was it hard, awkward and stressful? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes.

We created Event Pally to help you preserve friendships and relationships when it comes to collecting money from your friends and family.

Event Pally is a web-based tool expressly made to assist groups of people in need of an easy way to organize and communicate large or small events that include the collection of funds.

With Event Pally, you can quickly and easily set funding goals, dates and details for an event and communicate it all in a stress-free way. Event Pally offers people a convenient way to pay for events online and allows them to collaborate about the event too. Track and collect money before or after your event. This way, you can be easily compensated for any expenses you personally incur.

Event Pally removes the stress and risk for organizing events by avoiding loss funds and strained relationships, ultimately making the event that much more enjoyable for you and everyone attending!

We hope that you enjoy your next event much more by using Event Pally. We will continue to strive to make Event Pally a great experience for you. Send us your feedback and thank you for using Event Pally!

Patrick O’Brien

EventPally Team

Patrick O'Brien

Russell Embling
Co-Founder/Web Development & Operations

Julie Eichstaedt
Co-Founder/Marketing and Design

Jesse Maier
Co-Founder/Business Development & Strategy